Whittlesea Tech School Newsletter #2

by | Dec 1, 2017 | News | 0 comments

Our Tech School is really moving! Much of the capital works planning has been realised and we are entering the next phase of development.

Program development is one of our next big pieces of work. We will convene our first inquiry focus panel on the 26th July. It will be great to see what our focus will be. This panel will consist of members of all of our sub-comittees and some of our Student Ambassadors.

After this, on the 31st of July- 2nd August, we will begin our first co-construction activities with our Tech School Teacher Ambassadors. We believe in the investment in the teachers in our partner schools as change agents to make the Tech School programs as dynamic and inventive as possible. We’ve already had a strong response from schools nominating their Teacher Ambassador and it looks like we will create a powerful professional network.

As we evolve, there are increasingly more opportunities to engage at all levels and we encourage schools, students, community and industry to get involved. The Chat Bot, Biotech Pilot and the Tag-Line competition are some examples where students can participate now.

As this involvement grows, we are developing and extending our communication processes so we’ll be able to tell our tech school story to a greater audience. We want out Tech School to be a movement that the whole community can get behind to create opportunities for and with our young people.

Marc Blanks
Executive Director Banyule Nillumbik & Whittlesea Tech Schools