Program Partner

Our Tech School program development teams will collaborate with you to create tailored learning experiences that enable our secondary students to solve specific industry problems, get practical experience working within specific industries and visualise defined career pathways within STEM.

Specialist & Immersion Programs

Biotechnology in Focus Scientific Inquiry

In partnership with CSL Behring

This Specialist Program, created in partnership with CSL Behring, guided students through the process of designing their own scientific investigation to determine the antimicrobial properties of chosen extracts. As part of the pilot program, students were able to visit the CSL Behring facility and gain real-world insights into the biotech industry. The program focused on building career awareness of the rapidly growing biotech industry in Melbourne’s north and highlighting the importance of biotechnology in solving society’s biggest current and future challenges.

I never knew much about biotechnology… and I think it’s just like amazing. I just think it’s going to be the way of the future

Secondary Student

Educating students and becoming part of the education curriculum is really a great way to promote the opportunities and career and development that is open to students as they progress through their educational years.
Kathy Sacca

Director of Talent, CSL Behring

I really enjoyed this so I’m thinking about having a career in biotechnology in the future.

Secondary School Student


In partnership with Costa Mushrooms

Costa Mushrooms, one of the largest mushroom suppliers in the country, has an ongoing problem with waste. The stalks, despite being nutritious, are discarded due to buyer requirements and the cost of cleaning. Costa Mushrooms has partnered with the Tech School to encourage student innovation in Melbourne’s north and challenge local young people to solve their waste problem by transforming mushroom stalks into a value-added product. The video tour, local issue and resources provided by this program partner have led to a very authentic learning experience for our students.

Student Startup

Level 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Level 2: Startup Accelerator (by application)

This program provides students with the opportunity to experience the full cycle of testing a business idea from ideation to pitching. The Introduction to Entrepreneurship introduces students to the methodologies used in startups globally. Those students with a promising business idea may continue with the Startup Accelerator level where they will work with industry experts and mentors to dive deeper into their idea over five days. This program is available to partner schools onsite and through DET’s Victorian Enrichment Series.

In partnership with Melbourne Innovation Centre

After-School Programs

Smart Cities

In partnership with The City of Whittlesea Council

In partnership with the City of Whittlesea council, we have developed a virtual multi-level Internet of Things (IoT) design course where students from Melbourne’s north have the opportunity to be involved in the exciting multi-council Smart Cities project. As part of this program, students will learn how to build and deploy real-world sensors as well as display and analyse sensor data. The data will then be used by the council to help solve local problems, such as flooding, local food production and stormwater pollution. This program will launch in early 2021 with both council technical experts and Tech School staff facilitating and mentoring students.