Resource Partner

Whether it’s donating raw materials for a program or supplying equipment or technology to help roll out a particular learning program, a resource partnership can be a great way for industry partners to begin their partnership journey with us.

FoodLab Program Resources

In partnership with Costa Mushrooms, GH Commercial & Farmwall

As part of our FoodLab Specialist Program, we received resources and donations from a number of our industry partners. Costa Mushrooms, our main industry partner, will provide mushrooms for students to experiment with for the duration of the program, which will run throughout 2021.

Costa Mushrooms have also provided some of their grow kits and a virtual reality system that they use to train new staff for display in our exhibition space. GH Commercial donated their Farmwall for students to use during the program, and Farmwall will provide ongoing maintenance support for this piece of equipment.

STEM Arcade Program Resources

In partnership with Her Place Women’s Museum

As part of our STEM Arcade Design Challenge, Her Place Women’s Museum supplied their STEMpowered exhibit and accompanying video of Lisy Kane to display in our Tech School exhibition space for 6 months (the duration of the program). This resource provided students with an insight into a career in gaming and a relevant STEM role model for their learning experience.