Girls in STEM 2023

by | Aug 30, 2023 | News | 0 comments

This year, we celebrated National Science Week by hosting a Girls in STEM day. In this one-day, custom program, we welcomed girls and non-binary identifying students from four schools to work collaboratively, creatively, and to embrace innovative thinking.

Tying in with this year’s National Science Week theme, Innovation: Powering Future Industries, students worked in teams to design a city of the future. After doing some research to find inspiration for their project, students decided on a focus area such as energy or transport. They were then introduced to the different technologies they could incorporate into their work, including micro:bit, Bitcar, drones, and 3D modelling. At the end of the day, students showcased their prototypes in a marketplace where they demonstrated how their ideas would work in a city of the future.

Denise, a teacher from St Monica’s College, appreciated the Girls in STEM program, saying: 

“Students were completely and utterly engaged in what they were doing in the program. They were working together in teams from separate schools and absolutely enjoying it. I saw students having a terrific time getting to know new people and making new friends. I highly recommend this to any school – we will back here again!” 

Dikshita and Ira, students who attended the program, shared their thoughts as well: 

“I thought it was really fun and it was cool meeting new people. It was fun to base our ideas off of things that already exist and make them better. Making [our prototype] was a little difficult because we didn’t have that much time, but overall I was really happy with how you run things. Staff were really helpful and everyone helped us as much as we needed – it was really nice. 

I feel like I’m more capable in the STEM field now because I’ve seen that things aren’t that scary to do. Earlier on, I was thinking “How will I do this and design everything? It’s going to be so hard!” – but it’s actually simple if you’ve got direction.” 

This program was designed by our STEM Communication Officers Sabrina Fernando and Elissa Michell. We thank all WTS staff and attending teachers for their help in making this a successful day for everyone.