Da Vinci: Future Machines

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We are excited to announce the official launch of our first ever guest exhibition, Da Vinci: Future Machinesan interactive and historical exhibition featuring scientific prototypes designed by the original renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Whittlesea Tech School is currently hosting a selection of Da Vinci’s prototypes, on loan from the Artisans of Florence, to examine the design process of one of history’s most famous inventors. The exhibition focusses on two of Da Vinci’s enduring interests: robotics and flight. He was not only a prolific painter, but a scientist and engineer, whose sketches and prototypes were the precursors to present-day technology such as robot arms, automation, and drones. 

Visitors are encouraged to interact with the pieces, experiencing the mechanics of some of the world’s first machines – from a time before electricity! The exhibition also highlights the attitude Da Vinci took toward invention and innovation: he used curiosity, observation, creative iteration, and collaboration as key components of his creative process. These skills – what we now might call “21st century skills” – allowed him to work across a variety of fields, and consequently imagine machines well beyond the limitations of his time.

We invite all educators and community members to come and explore our exhibition. We will be hosting our official launch on March 7th with special guest speaker Stephanie Rizzo, and the opportunity to learn more about Da Vinci and the Whittlesea Tech School.

Register for your FREE ticket here. 

About Steph Rizzo

Steph spent over a decade as Co-Director of Travelling Exhibitions and Head of Education for the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci, located in Florence, Italy. With a background in science and the arts, she is dedicated to bringing the vision and genius of da Vinci to life through dynamic exhibitions and engagements worldwide.  An award-winning public speakerSteph has also worked as a publisher, editor, researcher and writer of scientific textbooks and museum materials. She is currently a Senior Project Officer in the Victorian Government’s Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions.

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