2023 Highlight: Wurreker Awards

by | Jan 12, 2024 | News | 0 comments

Last year, Whittlesea Tech School was nominated for a Wurreker Award for Innovative Koorie Learner Pathways. Having worked with the Koorie Academy of Excellence (KAE) for several years, we have been running regular programs that introduce secondary students to cutting edge technologies while connecting with culture.  

KAE students participated in a Bushfoods Chocolate program where they learned to make chocolate from scratch using bushfood extracts to create a unique flavour. They learned about the qualities, locations, and uses of a variety of bushfoods, thanks to the knowledge shared by Kylie Colemane from Your Green Prescription, and her sister Kursty. Following this, Tech School staff led a digital design session on logo and packaging design. 

Misa Fujii and Anne Jessup, in particular, worked hard to bring this program together, and the entire team is very proud to be nominated for this award. We greatly enjoy the work we do with the KAE and look forward to more programs in 2024 and beyond.