Sounds of Science

by | Mar 30, 2018 | News

This production engaged five students from Whittlesea Secondary College were able to to explore music composition using a range of recording, sequencing and performance devices. The music students developed an understanding of electronic instruments and how sound is generated through oscillators and shaped through filters and modulation.

In partnership with Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS), the students were able to have access to equipment and expertise that cannot be found elsewehere in the the world. MESS has a collection of some of the rarest and most valuable electronic instruments in existence and has the philosophy that these need to be used and enjoyed.  Robin Fox, artist and director of MESS introduced the students to electronic music and how it fuses art, science and technology. The modular synthesiser, where sounds are created through ‘patching’ modules together to create a circuit and sound was a real challenge.  This opened the students minds to new possibilities and a deeper appreciation of sound engineering.
In all, it was a stimulating day of discovery and a lot of fun!
The culmination of the workshop will lead to further exploration and a live performance of the students’ composition at the opening of the Tech School.