Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

In partnership with Melbourne Innovation Centre, In2Science and the Victorian Department of Education and Training

Term: 1-4

Program Type: Immersion Program (Entrepreneurship)

Duration: 5 x 90-minute online modules; or 2 days consecutive online; or onsite at the Tech School

Year Level: 8-12 (partner school students only)

Non-Partner Schools Victorian Enrichment Series: Enrol student teams via the Victorian Enrichment Series

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The Introduction to Enterpreneurship program provides a structured program for secondary school students to build critical entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills.

Students will rapidly learn through practical activities the entrepreneurial mindset, ideation, MVP, prototyping, customer discovery, how to test their business idea, iterations, branding and pitching. By the end of the program students will have experienced a complete cycle of how to test a ‘business idea’ which will enable them to either iterate
or pivot. This program enables students to explore how entrepreneurship can complement their passions, interests
and everyday frustrations to identify business opportunities now or in the future.

What distinguishes this program is its practical, flexible delivery model, which can be delivered either by the Tech School on site or within the partner school setting. Students will have a unique opportunity to work in small groups and learn from experienced entrepreneurs to develop problem solving and execution skills.  In teams students work through five modules:

  1. Ideation: coming up with a business idea
  2. Value proposition discovery
  3. Business model mapping ;
  4. How to test a business idea ; and
  5. Pitching.

Graduates from this program will have the opportunity to apply to our Student Start-Up Academy – Victoria’s only student business incubator. 


Students will be required to be in teams of 2-3.

Students should be encouraged to think about a problems they encounter in their everyday life (ie school, home, hobbies etc) before program.

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Success Criteria

Engagement with industry to understand enterprise opportunities

Exploration of start-up and lean methodology theories

Develop prototypes of business model solutions

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Critical & Creative Thinking