Protective Moto Gear

In partnership with the Institute for Frontier Materials, Moto Est., Scott B. Harris & Melbourne Polytechnic

Term: 1-4

Program Type: Specialist Program (Design Challenge)

Duration: 2 days consecutive plus 3-4 hours of prework

Year Level: 7-12

During the program, students take on the role of material scientists, employed by the Institute of Frontier Materials (IFM) to design protective motorcycle gear for Melbourne’s leading urban riding store Moto EST, to expand their protective clothing range.

This expanded clothing range will include innovative designs for male and female riders in urban environments. Prior to attending the Tech School, students undertake data analysis using TAC fatality data , view Australian artist Piccinni’s perception of what we might look like if built to survive a crash and conduct safety rating assessments of materials through the MotoCAP testing laboratory.

Students will design their own protective garments, calculating abrasion resistance from data provided by IFM on a range of material samples. At the conclusion of the program, students will evaluate their design against innovation, safety, comfort and cost criteria.

Note: This program will take place at the Banyule Nillumbik Tech School. However, like all other programs for our partner schools, bookings will be made through the Whittlesea Tech School and transport will be organised.

Industry Focus

Fibre Science & Technology

Curriculum Links






Success Criteria

Students understand the accoutrement needs of motorcycle users

Students can collaborate effectively to create solutions to identified problems

Students can consider a range of technologies and specialist equipment 

Skills Focus



Digital Literacy

Problem Solving


Critical & Creative Thinking

Personal & Social

Tech Skill-Ups

Computer-Aided Design (3D Modelling)

Digital Design

Wearable Tech

Coding & Microcontrollers