Medical Biotech Scientific Inquiry

In collaboration with CSL Behring

Term: 1-4

Program Type: Immersion Program

Duration:  Approx. 8-10 weeks delivered across the term in partner school settings and 1 optional lab-based day at the Tech School.

Year Level: 10-12

This specialist program introduces young people to the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance. Through a suite of online resources, students are guided through the process of designing their own scientific investigation to determine the antimicrobial properties of a chosen plant-based extract.

The online resource has a step-by-step process for students to follow – from carrying out background research, to considerations for planning and conducting an experiment, to recording and interpreting results.

This program ideally runs across 8-10 weeks of the school term, however, we can provide guidance on how to extend or reduce the program length.

Teachers have the option to complete this program online at their school using secondary data provided by the Tech School based on published research. Alternatively, teachers can book groups of students into the Tech School for 1 day to conduct their experiments. During this visit, we can also offer a Skill-Up session on how to effectively communicate research findings using infographics.

Industry Focus

Medical Biotechnology

Scientific Research

Curriculum Links





Success Criteria

Follow the scientific method to design and conduct an investigation

Collaborate effectively to create solutions to identified problems

Ability to consider a range of tools, technologies and specialist equipment

Skills Focus

Research & Analytical

Problem Solving


Critical & Creative Thinking




Tech Skill-Ups

Lab-based Experimentation

Infographic Design (Visual Communication)

Program Showcase

Check out the fantastic scientific posters created by students who completed this program remotely

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