Connecting with Mental Wellbeing

In collaboration with Science Gallery Melbourne & Melbourne Polytechnic

Term: 1-2

Program Type: Core Program (Inquiry)

Duration: 3 days consecutive plus 5-6 prework lessons

Year Level: 7-12

In our busy modern lives, looking after our mental wellbeing is incredibly important, but is often overlooked compared to our physical wellbeing. Having poor mental wellbeing has been linked to an increased risk of the development of mental health disorders like depression.

In collaboration with Science Gallery and Melbourne Polytechnic, students will explore the factors that affect our mental wellbeing, such as health, social and personal connections, safety, living standards, achievements in life and future security. 

During in-school prework, students will start exploring mental wellbeing challenges faced by young people and develop different perspectives to the issues. Students will be encouraged to be curious and be inspired by the many technologies making positive impacts in the mental wellbeing space. 

Students will attend the Tech School over three consecutive days to develop an idea, prototypes and iterate via a peer-review process. Students will engage in a deep inquiry process by following the Tech School Innovation Process and develop technical and transferable skills.

Industry Focus
Mental Wellbeing
Curriculum Links





Success Criteria
Ability to explain mental wellbeing challenges from multiple perspectives 

Collaborate effectively to create solutions to identified problems

Ability to consider a range of tools, technologies and specialist equipment

Skills Focus


Problem Solving

Critical & Creative Thinking




Tech Skill-Ups
Computer-Aided Design (3D Modelling)

Digital Design

Wearble Technology

App Development

Coding & Microcontrollers