Intermediate Coding & Microcontrollers

with BBC micro:bit, Microsoft MakeCode editor and Grove Inventor Extension Kit

Term: 1-4

Program Type: Teacher Tech Skill-Up

Duration: 90 minutes

Sometimes the built in features of micro:bit just aren’t enough – the Grove Inventor Extension Kit comes packed with four additional inputs (gesture, ultrasonic and light sensors as well as a potentiometer) and four additional output methods (speaker, 4 digit display, LED light strip and single LED module) plus an extension board to dock the micro:bit and open up additional pins for all these new gadgets!

Building on the foundational knowledge from our Introduction to Coding & Microcontrollers Skill-Up session, teachers will learn how to interact with multiple inputs and outputs to create more complex interactive devices.

Program for people who:

Have an interest in programming

Have basic knowledge of/experience in block coding

Would like to build their digital literacy skills

Tech you will learn:

Microsoft MakeCode (Block Coding)

BBC micro:bit (Microcontrollers)

Grove Inventor Extension Kit (Sensor Tech)