Teacher Professional Development

We offer a number of professional development opportunities for our partner school teachers to develop their professional practice and networks.

Workshops will be offered at the start of each term.

Upcoming Workshops


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Ongoing Opportunities for Teachers


Program Co-Development

Co-construction of our core programs is a key element of professional development for teachers, positioning the Tech School as a learning incubator and enabling learning approaches and programs to be implemented in partner school settings.

Pre-Requesite Teacher PD

Pre-requisite professional development workshops will be offered at the start of Term 1 and Term 3 for teachers booked into our core programs, which will provide teachers with the opportunity to learn to run one of our tech Skill Up sessions.

Tech School Ambassadors

Our teacher ambassador program provides teachers with even greater opportunities to develop their leadership skills and feed into the ongoing development of the Tech School.

Pre-Service Teachers

For pre-service teachers, we have opportunities for work and research placements throughout the year.

Interested in one of our Teacher Professional Development programs?